Spring is here, and the budding warmth encourages many to spend more time outdoors soaking in the sun. For some, the promise of longer, sunnier days inspires them to hit the open road, hoist the sails, or tear up a trail. For those also looking to purchase a recreational, marine, or powersports vehicle, maintaining their excitement and positive momentum to buy is essential to how your dealership needs to nurture leads.

From seasoned adventurers to first-time buyers, everyone seeks a hassle-free process and personalized service in this day and age. Here’s how your dealership can rise to the occasion and ensure a seamless and enjoyable buying experience during peak buying and recreational seasons.

Diversify and Advertise Your Inventory

During peak seasons, diversifying your inventory helps attract buyers with various preferences, needs, and budgets. Because most lenders require buyers to put down between 10% and 20%, most shoppers have spent time saving money and researching what they need and want in a vehicle. Highlighting special features within your inventory listings and detailing add-on options can help customers narrow their search, enhancing satisfaction and driving sales.

Educate and Empower Customers

Buying a specialty vehicle usually involves significant investment and decision-making. Differentiate your business by prioritizing customer education and empowerment. Knowledgeable sales staff should be available to answer questions, provide guidance on selecting the right vehicle, and offer insights into maintenance and care. Hosting workshops or seminars on basic care, safety tips, and travel destinations can further engage customers and build rapport. By equipping buyers with valuable information, you foster long-term relationships and loyalty.

Streamline the Buying Process

In the digital age, customers expect efficiency and convenience. Your dealership can leverage technology to streamline the buying process, from initial inquiries to finalizing the purchase. Tools like online credit applications help the buyer complete some steps of the process before they visit your dealership, which simplifies and expedites the transaction.

Once a buyer is ready to purchase, picking up their application where they left off or referencing any preapproved financing options reduces duplicate entry and saves your staff and customers the frustration of starting over from the beginning. Invest in tools that easily allow you to add cosigners, add or change inventory choices, present financing menus, and electronically sign when possible. The last thing you want to do at this stage is lose a customer to inefficient or complicated processes that keep them in the dark.

Prioritize After-Sales Support

The journey doesn’t end with the purchase; it’s just the beginning of the customer’s adventures! After-sales support is just as important, if not more important, than the education and discussion ahead of their purchase. Maintaining a positive experience through post-sales communications, access to service centers, and continued maintenance and feature tips instills confidence and peace of mind in buyers long term. If you can direct buyers to additional resources such as online forums or customer communities, you also play a role in fostering camaraderie with like-minded adventurers. By being a reliable partner on the road, you build lasting relationships and encourage repeat business.

As recreational enthusiasts gear up for the peak seasons, prepare your dealership and staff to provide a stellar experience from the start. Place customer satisfaction at the forefront to drive sales and cultivate loyalty and advocacy within your RV, marine, and/or powersports communities, and you’ll pave the way for unforgettable adventures ahead!

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